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What is the ideation and design process like at Hoboken Cabinetry?

To design a space that's perfect for you, we first need to understand your style and the purpose or function of the space itself. We will ask that you send inspirational pictures showing the colors and styles that interest you most.  Pictures of your existing space will help us to understand your storage needs and design a work flow that is based on how you live and interact with the space itself. Organization plays a major part in your perfect design!

Can Hoboken Cabinetry help us with appliance shopping as well?

Whether you are using your existing appliances or purchasing new, we will need to communicate these specific components into your design. We will help to spec out and source any new appliances needed and coordinate the deliveries. During the information gathering stages of our process, we will discuss what is staying, and what is going, then we can take it from there.

Do I need permits?

Recent changes in NJ have made it that you may not need permits and inspections. Building codes are always changing and we can help to provide a definitive answer once we have discussed the full scope of work for your project. Permits and inspections if needed are nothing to be afraid of, in fact they are in place for your protection. You wouldn’t want a contractor, one of your neighbors or the previous owner of your unit to do something unsafe or illegal and put you or your family at risk of floods or fires. Adhering to codes and inspections is incredibly important for your safety. When you have the right team in place and follow the rules, the process becomes simple and routine.

I want to take down a wall that I know is not structural, can I do that?

If you are in NJ, the city construction office will likely require a letter stamped and signed from an NJ licensed architect who has determined this is safe to do so. Again, for everyone’s protection and the cost of this letter is minimal. We can help connect you with an architect for this letter.

What if the wall is structural?

Our architects can help with this too. They will determine the proper procedure to remove, re-support and draft up the plans accordingly. The architect files the plans with the building department and once approved, the contractor can apply for the permits.

How long does a typical kitchen renovation take?

This all depends on the permit and inspection process as well as the size and scope of your renovation. It’s common for the kitchen to be out of order for 3-4 weeks, possibly longer. 

How long do the cabinets take to arrive once we order them?

Cabinet lead times vary based on the product you select. We will coordinate with the contractor and determine when the cabinets will be needed on site, and then place the order accordingly. Keep in mind that Holidays can play a big part in the availability and lead times of materials. The months leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas are particularly busy for the kitchen industry and as a result lead times become extended. If you plan on renovating to try and meet one of these Holiday deadlines, plan well in advance.

Do I need to provide a contractor or do you have contractors you work with?

We have a strong network of contractors to handle any size project or we are happy to work alongside yours. Our installation plans are extremely detailed and we will meet with your contractor to discuss the design and scope of work to ensure everything is understood.

How long does the process take start to finish?

Short answer, that depends on you, the time you invest and your ability to make decisions. We will work at your pace. It’s best to start at least 3 months prior to when you would like the work to begin. A typical timeframe from initial consultation to finalized design is 3 weeks.

I’m very busy and need someone to keep me on track. Can you help with this?

Absolutely, we have no problems following up and reminding you of your obligations and helping you make informed decisions.  

Ok I’m ready to renovate, now what?

Visit our HOW WE WORK page for more info.

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